Usui System of Reiki Healing

Reiki literally means
“Universal Life Force” or “Energy of the Divine”
Reiki is a Japanese word for individual energy meeting the divine energy of life pronounced Ray-Kee.

This energy is in all things. This is not channeling or a manipulation of a spirit. The practitioner’s hands are simply acting as a conduit for which the energy to travel usually creating a sensation of heat or waves of energy through the body.

Reiki is a gentle hands-on technique which speeds up the body’s own natural healing process. The treatment is administered through a fully clothed client. Hand positions are held for a minimun of 5 minutes in each location. Client is allowed to find peace, meditate and treat problem areas that cannot be treated with massage. The practioner usually has a first or second degree training certificate from a Reiki Master and may be a member of the National Reiki Alliance.

UsuI Reiki first Degree class

Usui system of Reiki classes includes
-Four Initiation ceremonies with master
– Four three hour sections taught
-History, Lineage and techniques
– Hands on Experience receiving and giving
– Certificate of completion

Monthy Reiki Sharings tba
Open for Cancer patients, beginners and first or second degree students for practice only. No instruction. No experience required. We just share in the love of Reiki energy.