Kathy Jansen has been teaching yoga for 18 years.

Kathy holds an Ayurveda Yoga specialist license. She has a passion for helping people relieve pain in their body, mind and spirit as well as redefine your daily yoga routines. Her professional affiliations include an E-RYT200 (over 1000 hours in teaching experience) and RYT500 professional level of training. There is a new depth to working on a one on one basis; an invaluable experience to be able to deconstruct postures to protect you from injury as well as creating more ease in your practice or as many of us need just the right amount of motivation to integrate what you learned into your life in creative ways. As a member of the Torch Bearer program with the Himalayan Institute she will be attending conference calls on Yoga and Ayurveda consults with other practitioners all over the country. Kathy will be offering mini workshop in Ayurveda, the Doshas, The Vayus, Koshas, The Four Desires by Rod Stryker and much more.