THE FOUR DESIRES {Dharma-Purpose, Artha-means, Kama-Joy, Moksha-Freedom}

FULFILLMENT WORKSHOP : SERIES 1 Taught by Kathy Jansen using Rod Stryker meditation CD, Text/Workbook.

I believe this book to be the most synchronistic and alive method to an accurate evaluation of yourself and your goals whether you are a Yogi or not. You will accomplish what you set forth during this series. Sincerely a transformative experience. Contact Kathy


CREATE YOUR OWN MINI WORKSHOP: 6 series classes aimed at deepening your Yoga Practices; 
1 Hour long sessions scheduled at your pace. Some Yoga experience is helpful but not required.

Cost: $120, $40 deposit (refundable up until 1 week before start date)
Sign up for 3 get a $25 discount.
Just Visiting? Option: Do any of these as a weeklong Yoga intensive.


  • INTRO TO YOGA AND AYURVEDA: Understanding Ayurveda and Yoga as sister sciences can enlighten your quality of living a well, awake and balanced with a working knowledge of self-help techniques. What are their similarities and differences. Get an introduction into the basic concepts, history and lineage. Also learn how the elements of Ether Air Fire Water & Earth play a part in our everyday living. Apply qualitative adjustments to your poses using this information. Gain insight into deciding on what type of yoga practice is right for you.
  • DANCE OF THE DOSHAS: Vata, Pitta Kapha Dosha is about balance or defect. Gain a better understanding of who you are and why - personality, qualities, pros and cons and what throws us out of balance and why. How can the understanding of these Ayurvedaic principle affect my Yoga practice? Apply the wisdom of Dosha to your daily routine and yoga practice through Pranayama, mindfulness in meditation, asana & healthy habits.
  • CHAKRAS, KOSHAS, DOSHAS: Understand the Nadis (energy channels called Ida and Pingala) to better understand Chakras, learn the layers of our body (Koshas) & how knowing these helps us to unravel the most prevalent issues in our current state. Vayu meaning wind is a subDosha of Vata; apply these principles to determine which Vayu may need more work. All three of these words Chakra, Kosha & Vayu refer to the Energy Intelligence of the body or what we call PRANA in Yoga and Ayurveda. Without Prana there is no Life. The spine is alive through Prana the cosmic life force in all living things.
  • MASTER THE SUN SALUTE: We will learn 5 different sequences approximately 7 min. routines which work for you as a complete practice if repeated 3 times equaling a nice 20min. routine to address all the qualities. Learn how to vary them when you get "bored" or need to adjust depending on the time of year based on Dosha.